– open call for Munich Jewellery Week 2018

‘Everyone out there has something that they’re extremely attracted to that also repulses them, and I would hope they approach that obliquely at first, but go into the fire.

When you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, when you’re looking for love, say, in too many faces, you’re actually attracted and repulsed at the same time, and that’s not a dilemma, it’s a way of being.’


– Adam Zaretsky

5-11 March 2018

Current Obsession celebrates its 5th anniversary in Munich, with a weeklong festival at the hottest new spot in the city – The Lovelace Hotel Happening.


Titled DOING THE NO NO, the programme delves into the economy between attraction and repulsion. Beyond the boundaries of what is considered ethical or aesthetical, the taboo and the kink exist in an uncharted area of ambiguity.

A word to describe this double bind doesn’t exist.


Current Obsession invites artists to submit work and project ideas that deal with this tension, or contribute a fresh vision on the subject of ambiguity.

We welcome exhibitions, performances, conversation topics and everything in-between. Each application will be considered to become part of DOING THE NO NO festival during Munich Jewellery Week.

Porosity by Rachel do Joode


About Munich Jewellery Week


Munich Jewellery Week is an independent initiative that supports, communicates and promotes citywide jewellery exhibitions taking place during the week of the annual Handwerk & Design expo, and its historic jewellery exhibitions: Meister der Moderne, Schmuck and Talente.


Over the past decade, the gradual and organic expansion of the independent city exhibitions surrounding these events boomed to a remarkable 100+ initiatives (2017 edition), establishing a self-ruled dynamic community of local and international artists. This phenomenon is unique, and plays a pacemaking role in the contemporary jewellery field: hundreds of makers, students, educators and collectors come from all over the world to be inspired by this diverse programme that ranges from artist-run exhibitions, book launches and lectures to performances, mobile presentations and parties.


About The Lovelace Hotel


Lovelace Hotel is a cultural happening, with music, art, conferences, workshops and more situated in the centre of Munich in an old building from the Deutsche Bank. For two years Lovelace will run a programme next to their 30 design hotel rooms.


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