Karl Fritsch: No Fuss

‘What I Do For You’ was the title of the show by Karl Fritsch presented in Galerie Biró in Munich during Schmuck 2013. Current Obsession asked Mr.Fritsch what rings talk about: ‘Most of the time they speak the same language, but sometimes they may speak something else, and sometimes they don’t talk at all; sometimes I understand them, sometimes not, sometimes they are singing, sometimes they scream, sometimes they talk about love, sometimes they talk about sausages, sometimes they gurgle, sometimes they cough…’

by Kellie Riggs

Rock (Wellington South Coast), 2012
Gold, brass, diamonds 2012
gold, fine silver, 2012
gold, fine silver, 2012
Gold, malachite , 2012
Brass, glass 2012
Aluminium, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethyst, tanzanite, garnet, 2012
Silver, copper, brass, bronze, 2012
Silver, brass, bronze, diamond, rubies, tanzanite, garnet , citrine 2012

The interview NO FUSS with Karl Fritsch was conducted by Kellie Riggs. You can read the full text of the interview in the CURRENT OBSESSION MAGAZINE #1 ARCHETYPE issue