Munich Jewellery Week 2018 Submission Form

05.03 - 13.03.2018

Munich Jewellery Week is an independent initiative that supports, communicates and promotes citywide jewellery exhibitions taking place during the week of the annual Handwerk & Design expo, and its historic jewellery exhibitions: Meister der Moderne, Talente and Schmuck.
Over the past decade, the gradual and organic expansion of the independent city exhibitions boomed to a remarkable 100+ initiatives, establishing a self-ruled dynamic community of local and international artists. This phenomenon is unique, and plays a pacemaking role in the contemporary jewellery field: hundreds of makers, students, educators and collectors come from all over the world to be inspired by this diverse programme that ranges from artist-run exhibitions, book launches and lectures to performances, mobile presentations and parties.
The title Munich Jewellery Week was coined in 2015 by Current Obsession to give a name to this extraordinary collective effort, and associate it to other professional fashion and design weeks around the world.

In 2018 Munich Jewellery Week will launch a new website – a perfect tool to navigate Munich, with an interactive map, practical information, images, previews, and much more! The website takes advantage of the EU abolishing roaming charges for mobile users travelling to other countries. Surf the net without paying any extra roaming charges and use our new interactive website right on the streets of Munich.


For those of you who prefer a tangible map on which you can write, draw and make your own daily routes, Munich Jewellery Week will offer a printed map featuring all submitted events. This large and exquisitely designed map will accommodate expanded event information and images, must-sees and practical information. As in previous years, we offer the participants our bright MJW street signs with a unique number, corresponding to both printed and online maps.


DEADLINE: 1 February 2018


*Thumbnail image by Pica Pica