Social Club // Community Sustenance for Contemporary Jewellery

Social Club is a series of informal and dynamic conversations. The core of Social Club is community outreach. Our long-term goal is to develop the Social Club into a content generating forum connecting and empowering jewellers and designers.


During Munich Jewellery Week 2016, we hosted our first CO Social Club: four mornings of conversations founded on themes explored by strong panels of jewellers and made even more dynamic with the organic contributions of a diverse and engaged audience.


We loved it. We got great feedback, and now we want more.


We are happy to collaborate, moderate or participate, but our goal is to lay the foundation for other people to create their own Social Club Editions. Interested?


Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Here are some basic guidelines to get you started: The format and possibilities are very open: they could take the form of an artist talk, panel discussion, roundtable conversation, a group book talk/response, a manifesto and performance, or something completely genre-bending that you have yet to think of.
  • How will we know what happened, what you discussed? What will we upload onto the Current Obsession website to communicate the event to others? Will it be a formal write-up, collage, call-to-arms, or multimedia? If your documentation includes audio and video (yes, please!), then document it well. In order for a video or audio clip to be uploaded, presented, and shared on the CO website, it will need to be very clear. The possibilities of audio and video are not limited to simple recordings of an event either. There are some very interesting cross-disciplinary connections with other artists and forms of documentation just waiting to be explored.
  • Has a Social Club has already happened in your area, but you would like to lead the next edition? No problem, at most, if we have people contact us from the same city or region, we might ask you to collaborate with one another. The goal is to promote widespread geographical representation allowing for breadth as well as refinement in content and ideas.
  • The Social Club should involve some sort of refreshments, right? A creative breakfast/lunch/dinner, informal potluck, or simple espresso and croissant: it doesn’t matter. We just want to make sure the event is somewhere people can get something to drink or nibble on. It’s meant to be relaxing, and well, fun.
  • Alas, there is no funding provided. It is important that everyone is clear on the voluntary nature of the Social Club forum. Our goal is to develop a content generating forum connecting and empowering jewellers and designers.

Interested in creating a Current Obsession Social Club event or series of events in your area? Please email us at with a brief description of your idea and we can begin communicating on how to make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you.