Social Club

Series of informal and dynamic conversations

The core of Social Club is community outreach. Our long-term goal is to develop the Social Club into a content generating forum connecting and empowering jewellers and designers. We are actively developing a Social Club template to encourage and support informal dynamic conversations that could take place worldwide, guided by a set of simple rules:

  1. Social Club events can take the form of a talk/lecture, panel discussion, or a creative breakfast/lunch/dinner. CO is open to other suggestions and ideas that involve the element of refreshments or overlap with a mealtime to make the process both more relaxed and appealing at the same time.
  2. One host per city, with a goal of widespread geographical representation allowing for breadth as well as refinement in content and ideas to be reviewed by CO.
  3. The city host is responsible for organisation, marketing, sponsorship, putting together participants and content, as well as possibly finding extra funding for the singular events.
  4. The content of each talk/session must be documented so that it can be uploaded, presented, and shared on the CO website. We are initially focused on film/audio recordings but hope to also stimulate cross-disciplinary connections with other artists and forms of documentation.
  5. The participants are not paid (possibly travel costs, depending on capability of host/team). It is important that everyone involved is clear on the voluntary nature of the Club: creating a reciprocal relationship between getting content out there and also gaining content for the CO website.

Want to organise a Social Club and share your content on our website? Please get in contact with us via email. See our Munich Edition here.