Workshops by Current Obsession


Current Obsession offers a range of creative workshops focused on the importance of the visual communication; defining a visual language to express students’ work and identity and discovering tools to communicate this identity to the public.


Workshops are based on the way magazines create their editorial campaigns. Together with the students we look into what is an editorial, analyse different types of campaigns and learn how to create a context for their work: a story, a tone of voice and an experience for the viewer. The students learn about the possibilities of showing their work in different contexts and what change of that context does to the work: same garment shot on different backgrounds, on different models, etc. We learn more about these tools and ways to use them.


The purpose of these workshops is to give students the tools to be able to communicate their work in the future. The end result should be a final project, where the strategies we’ve discovered would be applied. CO suspects this would be useful for all the students in their graduation year.


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*The images represent some of the results by the 3rd year students of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Product – Jewellery – Fashion – Textile Design