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Author: Sarah Mesritz

SO MINT! Aide-memoire by Smaranda Maria Voican

SO MINT! Rinse and Repeat by Jo Harrison Hall

Theresa Storbacka

SO MINT! OF YOUR HANDS by Roanne Sanchez-Watts

SO MINT! Civilization Bar by Sebastian Hägelstam

SO MINT! Time of Myths by Jekaterina Smirnova

SO MINT! Imaginary Inside by Lotta Snijder

SO MINT! Blomsterhjerta/ Flower heart by Maja Bäckström

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Jewellery Department Graduates

SO MINT! bundles and blanks and binds and bends by Steven KP

Augmented Identities


SO MINT! Conscious Wearing by Katie Gibbon

SO MINT! ‘Give Me A Hand?’ Kigen Kamijima

Wilderness Survival

SO MINT! Doux Leurre by Pauline Müller

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