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CULT. Exhibition at Design Museum Den Bosch

Date: 15.10.16 – 15.03.17

Location: 's-Hertogenbosch

Initiated by Current Obsession Magazine & Platform in collaboration with Design Museum Den Bosch, museum of contemporary art and design.

CULT is curated by: Current Obsession – Marina Elenskaya and Kellie Riggs
Design Musem Den Bosch – Fredric Baas
Produced by: Current Obsession – Sarah Mesritz
Exhibition graphic design by: Linda Beumer
Scenographic elements by: Stefan Auberg
Campaign Credits
Photography: Lonneke van der Palen
Styling: Pascal-Joël Weber represented by Angelique Hoorn Management
Hair and Make up artist: Erika Nuijten represented by Angelique Hoorn Management
Model: Roos Ferrero wearing jewellery by Göran Kling /// Sascha represented by FIC Model Management wearing jewellery by Adam Grinovich


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