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Edinburgh College of Art

MFA Graduates 2016

A selection of the MFA students of the Edinburgh College of Art Jewellery Department, whose work collectively demonstrates technical and conceptual design innovation in a range of materials using machine or hand-craft skills.

Wanshu Li

Go with the Glow

The inspiration for the jewellery series “Go with the Glow” stems from capturing the moving moments in the natural world. I was deeply attracted by free-swimming marine animal. For example jellyfish, which is soft, light, and glowing with the characteristics of amazing colours. I was also fascinated by dancing, rave party and laser light show.

The work is developed by experimenting with acrylic, moving beads, UV reactive nylon wire, UV light and fluorescent paints resulting in light-weighted tactile, colourful and playful pieces. The nylon wires under UV light create an amazing fluorescent effect and provide a pleasant visual enjoyment for the wearers and viewers. Moreover, the pieces create subtle sounds, following freely with the movements of the body.

Yoo Kyung Song

Reflection of the Soul

Inspired by structural shapes such as architectural designs and geometrical objects, YooKyung is specialized in artful and sculptural jewellery with special attention to metal and mirror’s reflection and refraction.  By incorporating the techniques of etching and folding and computing skill like rhino into the jewellery making process, Yookyung aims to explore wearable, classy and intriguing jewellery.

Eva Fernandez Martos

Priceous Air

In the current economic climate, more and more natural resources are becoming commercial items monopolised by multinational companies. In a hypothetical future, with the increasing levels of air pollution, fresh air could become a lucrative commodity. The design work for this project develops around hypothetical containers for commercialised fresh air that people would carry around to satisfy their needs. As so, these containers would be an additional artefact to the human outfit.

Ruoyan Wang

21 Century Anti-stress Devices

In the work 21 Century Anti-stress Devices, Ruoyan Wang researched different stresses in the modern daily life and attempted to help dealing with daily displeasure caused by the negative side of our fast-paced life-style. The collection involves varies sensations like sight, hearing, smell and touch, By interaction, these jewellery ”devices” are aimed trying to help people to regain positive feelings and to recover the ability of experience the subtle joy of life itself.

Edinburgh College of Art MFA Graduates 2016


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