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Current Obsession Social Club x Parcours Bijoux

Date: 17-18 October 2020

Location: Paris, France

As a part of the jewellery triennial Parcours Bijoux, Current Obsession was invited to host a Social Club on the weekend of 17-18 October at Les Ateliers des Paris.

With this special edition of the Social Club for Parcours Bijoux, Current Obsession decided to put ‘social’ back into Social Distancing and Social Media. Visitors were able to experience BLINGSTA jewellery filters on big screens and check in with the artists behind these jewels online.

BLINGSTA by CO helps you support artists without risking your health… or your style! BLINGSTA invites you to a little sparkling corner of the virtual universe, where Instagram face filters function as tools to try on jewellery in times when these experiences became a rare delicacy.


Behind each stunning filter is an identical physical adornment for sale in the Current Obsession Webshop. With your phone or iPad, scan the QR code or click on the AR filter icon on our Instagram profile to try on a jewel handpicked for you by CO.


BLINGSTA by CO puts ‘social’ back into social distancing and social media.

Social Club was produced and hosted by Paris-Amsterdam based artist Marguerite Bones, with generous support from Parcours Bijoux and Atelier des Paris. We would like to thank Julie Robineau for documentation images, and Lauren Fong for technical support. Social Club initiative by Current Obsession is supported by the Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industries Fund NL.


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