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The Exhibition That Never Happened Scarves

Date: 2014

Location: Amsterdam, NL

In collaboration with Studio Christoph Sagel and Matylda Krzykowski, Current Obsession created the cover story for the #2 Youth Issue of our magazine. 'The Exhibition That Never Happened' is an exhibition you can hold in your hands. Developed from a real-life curated show into a two-dimensional representation of itself printed on the pages of CURRENT OBSESSION magazine and later on textile, it becomes tangible and wearable again.

For The Exhibition That Never Happened we’ve selected jewellery by young designers focusing on the potential of each individual object. Each piece of jewellery was printed larger then life on 1x1m silk&cotton scarves. When being worn as a scarf, jewellery becomes an abstract shape, a color, a graphic element or a pattern.


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