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Implicit Content. Workshop by Current Obsession

Date: Anytime

Location: Worldwide

In the past five years, Current Obsession has changed the way contemporary artistic jewellery is photographed, presented and experienced. By making connections with the neighbouring creative fields – fashion, art, design, photography and fiction – Current Obsession places contemporary jewellery in the larger context of today’s visual culture.

Appreciated for its experimental approach and unconventional style, Current Obsession earned a reputation of inspirators and influencers in the field of jewellery. And that is precisely why we came up with this unique workshop: rooted in a creative rebellion against the age-old ways in which contemporary jewellery is presented and photographed, the workshop strives to demonstrate the power of storytelling that ‘activates’ the work, once it’s placed in the right context.

Rex Arthur Ramos
Rex Arthur Ramos


As a result, each designer will gain a better practical and conceptual understanding of how editorial images are created and receive a stunning photographic series featuring their work – ready to sparkle up any portfolio, website or a social media campaign.

Leslie Shershow
Leslie Shershow

The purpose of the workshop is to help each participant find a visual language to express ideas behind their work in the best possible way.


Misaki Sano

Our workshop looks at how magazines and brands create their campaigns and editorials. Together with the participants, we look into what is an editorial, analyse different examples, and learn about the importance of creating the right context for their work. We discuss storytelling, atmosphere, tone of voice – that collectively amount to certain viewer experiences. Participants learn the insights into how different contexts could affect the way the work is perceived: a garment or a piece of jewellery shot on different backgrounds, on different models, etc. We learn about these tools and ways to use them in the future.




Julia Schechner
Julia Schechner
Kelly Temple
Kelly Temple

The end result is a final project, where the strategies we’ve discovered are applied to a particular series or a collection. Current Obsession helps art-direct each individual collection, and in collaboration with a range of talented photographers, delivers stunning results.

Samira Saheli

We think our workshops would be useful for designers launching their new collections or considering revamping existing ones, students, and recent graduates building their portfolios. Get in touch with us via for more information.

Petra Winnwaker

*The image is one of the results of our recent workshop at San Diego State University.
Jewellery by Leslie Shershow, Kelly Temple, Rex Arthur Ramos, Petra Winnwaker, Messa Zheng, Julia Schechner, Meredith Habermann
Photography by Roch Armando


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