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Product Category: Jewellery


Nose chain is a good mixture between simple yet out there jewellery piece. The pieces are all unique, no cast bits will be similar. Nose chain can be worn various ways — as a long earring, or attached to both the nose and ear.   About the maker: Claudia Lepik is a jewellery artist. She … Continued

Ear Cuff by RÄTHEL & WOLF

Effortless statements are the best statements. The seductive and solid d-cut bar moves with you, catching the light and heightening the senses of both wearer and viewer. Can be worn on either ear. Sold as a single piece. No piercing needed. Made from sterling silver. Open this link on your phone or iPad to try the … Continued

Vintage Ear Pin by RUUDT PETERS

This simple yet stunning design from 1979 features a metal tube in a range of colours. The ear pin is a nice reaction on the punk movement. The pin goes through the hole in the ear and shows a contrast line on the body. About the marker: Since the beginning of the 1970’s, Ruudt Peters, … Continued

6Spikes Earring by MARGUERITE BONES

Gender Neutral Earring Violent yet delicate. Protecting by defending. Imperturbable self-possession. Open this link on your phone or iPad to try the earring on!

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