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Sacred Bondage Ties by Jasper Griepink

During Experience Ooga Booga Jasper Griepink performed a bondage wedding using the SACRED BONDAGE TIES he created together with Janneke Raaphorst.


SACRED BONDAGE TIES are multifunctional, pleasurable and sacred devices. It is a rope to tie yourself together; to re-connect on a deeper level with partner(s) or a stranger. It is a marital jewel, used in sacred rites like full-body bondage weddings. They unite the sacred vows of love & bondage; handing the pleasures of commitment over to you.


Piece By Piece is a limited edition of jewellery/objects commissioned by Current Obsession Magazine and sold through our webshop. The SACRED BONDAGE TIES were produced for The #4 Supernatural Issue


€125 plus shipping


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