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We are hiring!

Vacancies at Current Obsession

As we continue to grow, it is only natural for new members to join our international team. Please, take a close look at the positions we currently offer and help us spread the word.


We kindly ask the candidates to send us their CV, Portfolio (if applies) and a Motivation Letter to  In your email, please state the position you are applying for. A member of our team will contact you shortly.


Positions below are currently open. They will remain online until they are filled. There is no strict deadline; we will continue looking until we find a perfect match. If you are motivated to apply, or have any questions and would like to know more, please drop us a line, and we would be happy to connect through an email or a call.


The sooner you contact us — the bigger your chances are to get selected.

Junior Graphic Designer
Paid Position


Current Obsession is searching for a junior graphic designer to help us with daily operations and many ongoing projects. An ideal candidate has a distinct visual style, is aware and ‘gets’ CO’s visual language and aesthetic, but is ready to take it to a new level.

The preference will be given to a freelance graphic designer based in Amsterdam or somewhere else in the Netherlands. The position is part-time, with flexible hours. At the moment, we can offer up to 16 hours per week, but hours might fluctuate depending on deadlines and crunch times. A junior team member hourly fee will be offered in addition to travel costs and lunch when working at Current Obsession’s office in Amsterdam.

The position is open until filled, so jump on this opportunity and apply as soon as possible!




— Confident knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro)
— Understanding of design principles such as layout, composition, color theory, and typography
— Audio-visual editing skills and animation skills
— Knowledge of print design
— Possess collaborative spirit and good communication skills
— Self starter attitude
— Some experience of working in a highly creative environment
— Excited to contribute to Current Obsession’s scope of creative and international projects
— Understanding of the vision and direction of Current Obsession, as well as curiosity and appreciation for subject matters of jewellery, art and design


What you’ll work on:


— Video editing and animation for content creation
— Production of various digital assets for social media, both motion and static
— Support web designers with adaptation of digital assets
— Design and curate online presence of Current Obsession and their various projects, ensuring the consistency of visual communication
— Potentially assist in and produce print editorial design work such as paper, posters, stickers



Accountant/Financial Advisor
Paid Position


Current Obsession is searching for an accountant well-versed in the creative filed and the operations of small cultural foundations. An ideal candidate is a freelance accountant closely working with other cultural organisations similar to ours. They are able to help our team – managing director, business coordinator and fundraisers – on regular basis by:


— Setting up the overall budget and individual project budgets, keeping them in check, updating and maintaining them.

— Preparing, submitting and presenting budget reports



Treasurer, Stichting Jewellery in Culture
Voluntary Board Member Position


Stichting Jewellery in Culture – the foundation behind Current Obsession – is searching for a new Member of the Board – Treasurer. The main role of the Treasurer is to safeguard the financial health of the foundation. Treasurer analyses and signs off on budgets, and helps the Board, the managing director and other team members with financial advice and strategy.
An ideal candidate is well-versed in the creative field, has extensive experience in dealing with Dutch cultural institutions, familiar with Dutch and European funding systems.
They should be able to advise the Board on financial strategy, partnerships, and new opportunities.
Based on experience, we expect the role to require 4 hours on a monthly basis.


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