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We Are Hiring: Financial Strategist

Vacancies at Current Obsession

Our international team is thrilled to welcome new members. Please, take a close look at the positions we currently offer and help us spread the word.


We kindly ask the candidates to send us their CV, Portfolio (if applies) and a Motivation Letter to

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Positions below are currently open. They will remain online until they are filled. There is no strict deadline; we will continue looking until we find a perfect match. If you are motivated to apply, or have any questions and would like to know more, please drop us a line, and we would be happy to connect through an email or a call.


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Financial Strategist
Paid Position


As Jewellery in Culture Foundation (Current Obsession) continues to grow, and we take on new projects and opportunities, we are on a lookout for an innovative advisor to join our team and take our financial game to the next level.


Are you experienced in fundraising in both public and private realms? Do you have a keen interest in both culture and business? Are you confident in your network and your ability to bring potential investors on board for a worthy cause?



Here are the directions you will be working on:

– Partnerships – as trailblazers in the field of contemporary jewellery and adornment, with 10+ years of exemplary projects and initiatives, we have a lot to offer to potential partners – in business, education, private and public cultural sectors.

– Fundraising – already being generously supported in our yearly activities, we are looking to strengthen the support for our numerous local and international projects.

– Financial strategy – being aware of the challenges within the cultural sector, as well as new opportunities, we strategise about what aspects of our practice need reinforcement and improvement.

– Budget planning and management – help our team to keep our budget healthy, making sure our creative ambitions match our financial abilities. Work closely together with our director and our board to reinvigorate and strengthen our position.



Does this sound like an interesting position for you or someone on your circle?
Send us an email at:


The position is part-time, offered on freelance basis, ideally to be combined with your existing practice with similar initiatives. Our preferred candidate is familiar with the cultural field in The Netherlands and Europe.


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