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Date: 11.11.2023

Location: Fashion For Good, Amsterdam

For the 2023 edition of Obsessed! Jewellery Festival, Current Obsession and Fashion for Good teamed up to present a panel talk discussing the ubiquitous issue of ecologically sustainable production practices in both the Fashion and Jewellery industries. As two major contributors to culture and creativity, both fashion and jewellery are also among the most personal and intimate objects we possess and interact with, and offer some of the most fruitful terrain for bringing a conversation on sustainability directly to the consumer. However, the obscurity and mystery surrounding where our material resources come from, presents one of the greatest obstacles to achieving this. And information for the public, on what, how and why to buy responsibly, is yet another. Please join us for this very special panel event, in which we address these very issues, and hear from leading thinkers from both worlds, about how we can tackle our common concerns, from within our respective communities.

Initiated and moderated by Margaret Munchheimer 

Listen to the full conversation via Undisciplined podcast.



Jaime Valderrama, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)
Katharina Dettar
Stijntje Jaspers, Fibershed NL
Mariel Matute

This panel talk was generously supported by Pictoright.


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