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Athens Jewelry Week: Elli Xippa

Hanna Hedman: Creating My Own Haven

Athens Jewelry Week: Joshua Kosker

Material: Invisible Gold

Edgar Mosa. Photography by Aaron Boldt.

How Soon Is Now

Travelling to Another Planet

MATERIAL: use 2 b usb

Nature answers to no one

Body Snatchers

You Are Finally Awake

David Webb

Heroes in the Shade

Munich in the Summer

Jewellery: Private, Public, Political

Interview with Amanda Pinatih

Distance from the Stars

Travel: Los Angeles

Social Club: Athens Jewelry Week

Maria Nina Václavková

A Post-Digital Prophecy: Virtual Space and Jewellery

Future Armor

Wilderness Survival

Valerie Steele: A Force to Reckon With


Interview with Noon Passama

Appropriators User Guide and A1

Spirits in the Material World

Travel: Tokyo

New York State of Mind

Gladly Going Digital

Talking Crafts and Other Stories

Gert Rothmann

Kitchen Drawer Classics

Social Club: Lisa Walker

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