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SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in Fashion, Jewellery and Design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession

SO MINT! Cut From The Skin by Keith Micheal Murphy

SO MINT! Spá Nails by Nanna Due

SO MINT! Coral Wanshan Huang

SO MINT! dig in by Lilli Malou Weinhold

SO MINT! Breathing Universe 0.5 by Hyewon Jeong

SO MINT! Mystery of Matter and Magic of Presence by Miriam Johannesson

SO MINT! Drip Too Lagom: En Svensk Fucking Flex by Douglas Tillberg

SO MINT! Metacarpus by Stefan Boerkamp

SO MINT! by Elise Hoebeke

SO MINT! by Emilie Gouëzec

SO MINT! City Digger By Victoria Petitjean

SO MINT! Grotesque Beauty By Jenny Zeng

SO MINT! Contemporary Self-Portraiture by Ruby Mellish

SO MINT! Life, Death, And Everything In Between by Khristina Stolyarova

SO MINT! Made in Belgium by a Romanian by Andreea Raluca Cojocaru

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