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Join Current Obsession community. Support our work. Receive access to high quality journalism on our website, collect our upcoming printed editions – magazines and papers – and experience the VIP vibes at our events! Read more about Social Club here.



Current Obsession Magazine is an independent publication discussing contemporary jewellery in the context of today’s visual culture. Each issue revolves around a specific subject, examining it from standpoints of various disciplines. We collaborate with a range of designers, artists, photographers and writers to create delicious exclusive content.


Current Obsession Paper is a large format newsprint publication dedicated to international jewellery-related events: Munich Jewellery Week, OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival in the Netherlands, and New York City Jewelry Week. CO Paper is a carefully curated source of information that helps visitors to navigate a multitude of openings, presentations and talks; to find out what is happening and what is noteworthy.


Occasionally Current Obsession produces promotional branded merchandise to mark certain events or celebrate anniversaries. You can find it all here. Enjoy and support us!


✨ In 2020 CO developed BLINGSTA — a series of Instagram filters rendered after actual jewellery pieces available for sale in our webshop.  With your phone or tablet, click on the AR filter icon on our Instagram profile to ‘try on’ a piece of jewellery. ✨ BLINGSTA helps you to support artists without risking your health… or your style! ✨ BLINGSTA also reflects the new forms of retail and social experiences in times of social distancing and social media.

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