Current Obsession Paper for Munich Jewellery Week brings all the craziness that is MJW right to your door!

Current Obsession Paper for Munich Jewellery Week 2017

In March 2017 Current Obsession released the fourth edition of Current Obsession Paper: a complete guide to Munich Jewellery Week with a large city map + previews and images of each featured event.


Video created by IOIA in collaboration with Thalia de Jong


Delayed Reactions – Collaboration with Lin Cheung

The Makers Of – Behind the scenes of the most anticipated MJW projects

Jungle Mimicry – Talente 2017 Jewellery Selectees photographed in the wilderness of South Africa

Sign O’ The Times – Social Club recap and announcement of Munich Editions

Routes to Follow – Track the routes of the MJW usual suspects: a collector, gallerist, student and critic

Jewellery and Politics – Jewellery making an impact on – and being impacted by – today’s political climate

Extras – Easy and thought-provoking treats, all jewellery – Horoscope, Crossword Puzzle, Cartoons and an anonymous submission by jewellery’s main source of gossip – the Gossip Frau


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