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Current Obsession Paper for Munich Jewellery Week 2024


* The paper will be shipped around 26 February


MJW Paper offers a tangible yearly snapshot of the field of contemporary jewellery, beyond Munich and Europe. With both physical festival events and ‘print-only exhibitions’ for those further afield, The Paper serves as a kind of documentation; a reference point for this moment in jewellery.




The Munich experience is all about the people and conversations between friends and colleagues alike. This year, the MJW Paper takes a closer look at a few of the key conversations that await us in the public programming – a joint interview between Yuka Oyama & Anders Ljungberg, and a think piece by up-and-coming craft writer Charlotte Russell takes a look into the lived realities of many makers, discussing different places where jewellery resides with artists’ working spaces under constant threat.

The centre spread this year belongs to one of contemporary jewellery’s most unique ‘engineering artists’ – Sigurd Bronger, honoured this year at the Pinakothek der Moderne, and a sampling of the field’s voices share their top picks from this year’s shows, with the Pulse column.


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