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Current Obsession Paper for Munich Jewellery Week 2023

MJW Paper offers a tangible yearly snapshot of the field of contemporary jewellery, beyond Munich and Europe. With both physical festival events and ‘print-only exhibitions’ for those further afield, The Paper serves as a kind of documentation; a reference point for this moment in jewellery.



In this edition you’ll find interviews with artists showing work in Munich — Claire McCardle, on view at the IHM; Bezalel Academy, showing as a group Under the Stairs, and artist collective Externalities, with an off-site show at Atelier von Gierke-Berr.

The centre spread this year belongs to one of contemporary jewellery’s most elusive and unique masters — Therese Hilbert, honoured this year at the Pinakothek der Moderne. And a sampling of the field’s practitioners share the events they have their eye on in a new column, Pulse.

A mesmerising journey through the practices of David Clarke, David Bielander, Karl Fritsch, Paul Kooiker and Rudolf Bott, in our cover story, 5 Gentlemen Doing Things.

Fold out our stunning glossy poster collaboration with Helsinki-based illustrator duo ALANKO+NUOTIO featuring works by international jewellery artists in a swirling underwater environment.


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