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Current Obsession Paper for OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival 2019 | Sold Out

OBSESSED! Jewellery in the Netherlands is a festival that unites the best events focussing on jewellery – exhibitions, symposia, fairs, book presentations and open studios – into one intriguing programme, put together by Current Obsession.
OBSESSED! runs throughout the whole month of November’19, in various cities across the Netherlands, accompanied by a special free edition of Current Obsession Paper and an interactive webpage.


Piece of Mind – Studio visit with Benedikt Fischer ✨ A Red Thread – Studio visit with Beppe Kessler ✨ Millenial Punk –Studio visit with Simon Marsiglia ✨ A Force to Reckon With – Interview with Valerie Steele ✨ Entrepeneurs in Jewellery – Article about SIERAAD International Jewellery Art Fair ✨ Drag Power – Interview with Paul Derrez and Willem Hoogstede ✨ Most Brilliant – Why Antwerp is Truly the Diamond Capital of the World ✨ What’s in a Bag? – Interview with Manon Schaap ✨ Body Control – Interview with Anne-Karlijn van Kesteren ✨ What’s on? A little taste of OBSESSED! 2019 ✨ Importance of the Unknown – Conversation with Lin Cheung and Martijn van Ooststroom ✨ The Life of a Revolutionary Diamond Cutter – Historic Piece ✨ Marjan Unger The Interview

Sold Out


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