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#6 Cult Issue

CULT ISSUE is a limited edition publication (run of 500) that combines luscious photography and fictional stories to create an as yet realised world. We invite you to imagine CULT as alternative reality – where jewellery is a unifying signifier, a secret message, or a catalyst for personal mythologies and rituals.


Video and Graphic Design by Linda Beumer and Anna Hennerdal



A booklet with five fictional stories by writers Maurits de Bruijn, Hou Chien Cheng, Frank Koolen, Case Miller & Joris Lindhout, Huib Haye van der Werf


+ 10 large double-sided posters featuring images of jewellery pieces from CULT exhibition with

Alexander Blank, Shachar Cohen, Conversation Piece – Beatrice Brovia & Nicolas Cheng, Adam Grinovich, Kelsey Isaacs, Göran Kling, Takashi Kojima, Helena Lehtinen, Florian weichsberger, Rei Yamada, Happy Day – Saâd Karrakchou


Jean Arp, Louise Bourgeois, Ciro Gregor Duclos, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer, Otto Kunzli, Ruudt Peters, Pablo Picasso, Katja Prins, Man Ray


Each copy is individually numbered.


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