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Current Obsession Paper for New York City Jewelry Week 2018 | Sold Out

The official publication of New York City Jewelry Week first edition in 2018 featuring:


Ancient jewelry comes to life in a conversation between the Metropolitan Museum curators; Chats about zaps (and other bits of goodness) with jewellery brand Catbird; two exclusive accounts of jewelry houses David Webb and Suzanne Belperron; a special feature on independent contemporary jewelry shows; the Must-see events during NYC Jewelry Week; finally, a very juicy article about the New York State of Mind and cultural appropriation in the world of jewelryand so much more….



New York State of Mind, For the culture by Ashley Khirea Wahba
Jewelry Activates the Body it Adorns, conversation with the curators of the new exhibition at The Met “Jewelry: The Body Transformed”
– NYCJW Indie Shows, Independently curated contemporary jewelry exhibitions, artwork by Audrey Large
David Webb, Look at the iconic New York City jewelry brand by Dianna Batista and Levi Higgs –
#catbirdjewellers, Interview with Rony Vardi and Leigh Batnick Plessner of Catbird
Phygital: an Image of Progress, Cover story by Bastiaan de Nennie
Suzanne Belperron, Story of twentieth-century jeweller by Heidi E.K. Garnett
Anything can be Anything and it’s all Good, for Real!, Interview with Mari Ouchi of FAUX/real

– Must See List, What, where and why NYC Jewelry Week
– Ask The Oracle, It’s time for a jewelry chat

Sold Out


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