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Current Obsession Paper for New York City Jewelry Week 2018 | Sold Out

The official publication of New York City Jewelry Week first edition in 2018 featuring:


Ancient jewelry comes to life in a conversation between the Metropolitan Museum curators; Chats about zaps (and other bits of goodness) with jewellery brand Catbird; two exclusive accounts of jewelry houses David Webb and Suzanne Belperron; a special feature on independent contemporary jewelry shows; the Must-see events during NYC Jewelry Week; finally, a very juicy article about the New York State of Mind and cultural appropriation in the world of jewelryand so much more….



– New York State of Mind, For the culture by Ashley Khirea Wahba
– Jewelry Activates the Body it Adorns, conversation with the curators of the new exhibition at The Met “Jewelry: The Body Transformed”
– NYCJW Indie Shows, Independently curated contemporary jewelry exhibitions, artwork by Audrey Large
– David Webb, Look at the iconic New York City jewelry brand by Dianna Batista and Levi Higgs –
– #catbirdjewellers, Interview with Rony Vardi and Leigh Batnick Plessner of Catbird
– Phygital: an Image of Progress, Cover story by Bastiaan de Nennie
– Suzanne Belperron, Story of twentieth-century jeweller by Heidi E.K. Garnett
– Anything can be Anything and it’s all Good, for Real!, Interview with Mari Ouchi of FAUX/real

– Must See List, What, where and why NYC Jewelry Week
– Ask The Oracle, It’s time for a jewelry chat

Sold Out


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