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Current Obsession Paper for New York City Jewelry Week 2019 | Sold Out

The Paper is the outcome of a second, very special collaboration between Current Obsession, a jewelry platform and magazine based in the Netherlands, and the rad team behind New York City Jewelry Week. With this edition of the Paper, filled with lots of jewelry love from across the pond, we are inspired by artists who push the boundaries of their respective disciplines; we take a closer look at the power of adornment within subcultures; discuss the recent trend of hybridization of jewelry and fashion; see an artist’s reinterpretation of contemporary jewelry pieces from NYCJW indie shows into immersive environments; and speak to many marvelous visionaries and collaborators – all to illustrate the multi-faceted world of jewelry. These, and other creatives featured in this Paper, channel their personal histories and the secrets of their trade into boundless, inclusive practices that deal with adornment and self-representation in a variety of unexpected and inspiring ways. In a city steeped simultaneously in tradition and iconoclasm, New York City Jewelry Week and Current Obsession celebrate both the established and the emerging, from traditional goldsmithing techniques to the newest movements for social change.


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Sold Out


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