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SO MINT! by Emilie Gouëzec


SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

Inspired by childhood memories in the countryside, Blooming Tools is an amazing jewellery collection. It draws its inspiration from workshop tools abandoned in the midst of flowers in the garden: chains, barbed wire, wrenches, springs or cable clamps. Each jewel combines tools and flowers, as if nature had taken possession of the tools in a fantasy aesthetic.

Each piece is handmade and the surface treatments are entrusted to local crafts workshops in Switzerland. The skills of high jewellery are combined with an original technique to deform plastic.

The range of pastel shades, pink, purple, blue and white, highlight the unusual combination of materials. The brilliance of powder-coating and its plasticized effect, or the velvet of flocking, cover brass and aluminum, creating a particular aesthetic. These colored elements are associated with 925 polished silver and semi-precious and synthetic gemstones for a sparkling jewellery collection. Blooming Tools recalls happy memories that come from opposite universes, and yet merge into contemporary jewellery with soft materials and shimmering colours.

Emilie Gouëzec, a trained goldsmith at Ecole Boulle in Paris, then went on to accomplish a three-year BA course in Jewelley and Accessory Design at HEAD – Genève, graduating in 2022. In her design projects, she combines refined making skills with contemporary design concepts. She is inspired by nature, industrial objects and deformation of the material, to create sparkling jewellery.

IG: @emilie.gouezec


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