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Interview with Noon Passama

Noon Passama is a jeweller’s jeweller. Her work is immediately recognisable, with fluid and voluminous shapes, light to the touch and electroplated to an almost chromed mirror finish. Embracing the recent limitations of changes to the production landscape, she recounts her recent pivot to collaboration with fashion designer Barbara Langendijk, producing a textile/jewellery hybrid using fur as an inspiration. She also shows us some new work that incorporates a smaller and more refined approach to the chunky chain work she’s known for, laboured over and decked with heavy gemstones that is simply decadent.


This interview was produced by Current Obsession on the occasion of OBSESSED! Jewellery Festival 2021
We thank our team: Anna Dienemann — Wearable Scenography · Ranno Ait and Sven Raju — Website Design · Linda Beumer — Graphic Design · Vica Gábor — Research · Melanie Marsman — Photography and Videography · Margaret Munchheimer — Interview Research and Execution, Sound Editing · Sofia Nikolaeva — Sound and Video Editing · Jonas Mindaugas Paberzis — Sound and Video Editing · Marc Ferrer Vives — Visuals and Identity · Ray Zheng — Research


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