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Social Club: Athens Jewelry Week

Interviews conducted during Athens Jewelry Week 2019

Current Obsession highlights Athens Jewelry Week 2019 with its Greek edition of the Social Club. We have been conducting small interviews and making videos with participating artists on the spot. But we also did something extra special…


…in a very improvised way, we have installed a video and audio equipment on an empty top floor bar in Athens. While artists were enjoying their drinks downstairs, we would pull them up, one at a time, in a more intimate and quiet ambiance of an empty avant-garde bar and ask them about the jewellery they were wearing that night. See the selected results below!

Hanna Hedman talks about a custom ring made for her by Nhat-Vu Dang.


Niki Stylianou, co-organiser of Athens Jewelry Week wears two pieces by Jorge Manilla, and talks about her relationship to his work and his pieces.

Please be careful with me by Jorge Manilla
Please be careful with me by Jorge Manilla

Anna Talbot wears her own brooch and talks about the ideas behind her work.

Anna Talbot, Brooch, Pink Rose Painting

Dania Chelminsky wears her own heart-shaped piece of jewellery, which could be worn both as a brooch and a pendant.

Dania Chelminsky Mended Heart

Fruzsi Fekete wears her own jewellery piece.

Fruzsi Fekete Impressions brooch

Tami Eshed wears a ring with a found object (pebble?) from the beach.

Sara Shahak talks about her work made of industrially ready made iron bells.

Sébastian Carré wears a custom made brooch made for him by Isabelle Busnel.

Veronika Muráriková wears face jewellery given to her by her friend and young jewellery designer Claudia Lepik.

Carlo Lucidi wears his own jewellery.

Sara Mas & Jordi Aparicio Manchado wear jewellery from the exhibition Controversia, Tricyclo.

All videos were produced during Athens Jewelry Week, May 2019
We thank Nalbadis Photographer for technical assistance <3


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