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Adam Grinovich at Zimmerhof 2015

Adam Grinovich is Stockholm-based conceptual artist and jeweller involved in numerous cross-disciplinary projects. Born in Lynn Massachusetts, USA. After spending 26 years in the Boston area, Adam moved to Stockholm, Sweden to pursue an MFA in jewelry from Konstfack University. Adam has founded and collaborated with several different international groups and collectives. In 2008 he founded A5 with Annika Pettersson and Romina Fuentes. A5 is an ongoing investigation into jewellery, the body, and the flexible role of contemporary craft. Adam is also a co-founder of the design collective CRITIAL + – an energetic design initiative with a focus on design ethics, involving young motivated individuals. In addition to his personal work and collectives Adam has been a guest designer in an ongoing investigation with Swedish company IOU design, contributed to art collaborative Valeveil. Adam Grinovich continues to work with a variety of international artists on a project basis.


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