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Date: 08.06.2013

Location: Arnhem, NL

S.O.A.P.P. – Shredded Obsession Addictive Pleasure Piece Atelier Ted Noten + CURRENT OBSESSION magazine at Mode Biënnale Arnhem

We like to destroy and to create. We like to seduce and to attack.
We love our audience and want to trigger their thoughts.

S.O.A.P.P. – Shredded Obsession Addictive Pleasure Piece
– is a collaboration between Atelier Ted Noten and CURRENT OBSESSION magazine.

S.O.A.P.P. is a performance about destroying and simultaneously creating something new.

CURRENT OBSESSION magazine – a publication entirely dedicated to jewellery – will be taken apart page by page and slipped into a golden shredder and transformed into raw material base for S.O.A.P.P. – a fetishist three-dimensional object/jewellery.


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