Save the Date! 6 October, Stockholm

SAVE THE DATE! Undisciplined. Crafting Conversations: Textile Edition

Date: 6 October 2023, 17:00-22:00

Location: Stockholm, Bio Aspen

The 2023 edition of Undisciplined: Crafting Conversations serves as a free sequel to its successful launch in 2022. With a specific focus on textiles as a medium that embodies deep-rooted traditions, cultural heritage, and technological progress, Undisciplined, in collaboration with Current Obsession, extends an invitation to an international collective of artists and curators to partake in a half-day seminar. Expect an enriching program featuring a lecture by Malaysian designer Marcos Kueh, a contribution from Norwegian artist Pearla Pigao, and a captivating new performance piece by Amanda Elida Varhaugvik. The objective of this edition is to initiate a dialogue surrounding the diverse range of textile techniques, particularly through the lens of the diaspora, and to unite artists from various disciplines who utilize textiles, showcasing their distinct perspectives. The evening will culminate with a panel discussion moderated by Marcia Harvey Isaksson, the founder of Fiberspace gallery, joined by Kueh, Pigao, and current resident of the IASPIS studios, Swedish textile artist Sara Elggren.



17:00  Open Doors
17:10 Welcome by Veronika Muráriková
17:15-17:45  Lecture by Marcos Kueh
17:45-18:00 Break
18:00-18:30 Lecture by Pearla Pigao
18:30-19:00 Break
19:00-19:45 Panel Discussion moderated by Marcia Harvey Isaksson
20:00-20:30 Performance by Amanda Elida Varhaugvik
20:30-22.00 Mingle


Marcos Kueh

is a designer who has always had a desire to better understand his place and identity as a Malaysian. He graduated with his Bachelor’s in Graphic and Textile Design from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2022. His practice is about safeguarding contemporary legends onto textiles as tools for storytelling, just as the ancestors of Borneo did with their dreams and stories before the arrival of written alphabets from the West. Currently his artistic research is focused on evoking the presence of colonial narratives in our present-day lives and conjuring new myths to what it means to be an independent country.

Pearla Pigao

is an Oslo-based artist, musician and craftsman working with interactive sound installations that contain textiles, sculpture and performance. Drawing on her background in both music and textile art, her work explores the relationship between sound and material, drawing on the commonalities between weaving and musical composition to create digitally hand-woven textiles that create visual, tactile experiences of sound structures.

Sara Elggren

is a visual and textile artist born based in Stockholm. Her work touches on the technology, code, and interface of weaving, and what that does to how weaving is experienced; as an image or as a system, as free or as strictly ordered. She did early on explore what different technologies and interfaces do to how woven fabric specifically and sometimes contradictory holds certain data. And how a strict order through craft can be transformed into something else and beyond. She is part of a newer generation of contemporary weavers who emerged in the 2010s. This group has explored weaving as an artistic expression, both experimentally and in conversation with tradition.

Marcia Harvey Isaksson

is a founder of the Stockholm-based Southnord (former Fiberspace) gallery and an artist who’s main line of inquiry is our common cultural heritage, using textile techniques as a vehicle to navigate her investigations. She is interested in site-specific narratives, working often with a mix of media, from sculpture to performance.

Amanda Elida Varhaugvik

is a Swedish/Norwegian artist based in Stockholm, known for her interdisciplinary approach merging sound, textile craft, and performance art. With a unique focus on costume as the initiator and main actor, their performances delve into the exploration of portraying through textiles.

Varhaugvik invites diverse cultural practitioners to interpret textiles in captivating ways for each performance. Collaborating with fellow musicians, they skillfully utilize their voice as an enchanting tool, capable of communicating the inexplicable. The voice acts as a bridge between the performance and the audience, inviting them to transcend into a realm of heightened experience.

This project is delivered with financial support from Kulturrådet, Creative Industries Fund NL and organised in collaboration with IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee´s International Programme for Visual and Applied Arts.

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