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Social Club. Inaugural Munich Edition

Date: 24.03-27.03.2016

Location: Munich, Germany

Current Obsession Social Club: #1 Munich Edition This first version of the Social Club was just one of many possible variations. For the Munich Edition, we hosted four mornings of informal, intimate but dynamic conversations with leading and fresh voices from the international jewellery community. We listened to experienced artists from all over the world working in new, independent ways.

Day One: BREAKFAST WITH CO // Meet the team
Wednesday, February 24th
10:00 – 11:00
Several members of the core Current Obsession Team discussed our latest issue, SUPERNATURAL #4, and the MJW16 PAPER, as well as our future goals, ideas and obsessions (of course!).
Sarah Mesritz, Kellie Riggs, Mariah Tuttle, Larisse Mac Donald


Day Two: SPREADING THE WORD // New methods in Self Publication, Promotion and Collaboration
Thursday, February 25th
10:00 – 11:00
More and more artists are contemplating new and fresh ways of exploring and presenting their work. They are taking ownership and creating not only a broader context, but also a wider audience for their work by pioneering collaborations and redefinitions of jewellery’s relationship to other media. The following artists discussed their unique creative avenues of self-publication via books, blogs, and zines.
Adam Grinovich
Born in the United States and now a permanent resident of Sweden, Adam is an active jeweller and collaborator with other artists and designers. He discussed the evolution and development of his publication Zine #1.
Hanna Hedman
The Swedish jeweller Hanna Hedman discussed her collaborative relationship with the photographer Sanna Lindberg and her book Murmuring.
Carina Shoshtary
Carina Shoshtary is a jeweller of German and Iranian origin and a 2016 Art Jewelry Forum’s Emerging Artist Award Finalist. She discussed her interests and creative pursuits related to her fairly new blog KARMA CHROMA.


Day Three: GOING ROGUE // Independent Artist Run Exhibitions in Munich
Friday, February 26th
10:00 – 11:00
How do they do it? Where to begin? Several experienced artists and hosts from both Munich and abroad were on hand for an informal discussion on justhow they have approached putting together, or supporting artist led exhibitions throughout current and previous iterations of Munich Jewellery Week.
Patricia Domingues
Patricia Correia Domingues is a Portuguese jeweller trained in Spain, Estonia, and Germany. She has won the Talente prize as well as the Mari Funaki Emerging Artist award and has exhibited habitually during Munich Jewellery Week (MJW16 via the exhibition Invisible Wall) and is involved in both the Bórax 08001 Collective and Plateaus Jewellery Project.
Steven Gordon Holman
Steven Gordon Holman is an American jeweller whose work explores stories, myths, and the personal and cultural iconographies that overlap with his rural upbringing. Steven has been involved in several exhibitions during Munich Jewellery Week, most notably with the Blanco Collective and the exhibitions Trophies In the Reign of Coyote (2015) and American Gothic (2016).
Melanie Isverding
Melanie Isverding is a German jeweller who lives and works in both Munich and Halle. She has an active and strong history of awards, exhibitions and bodies of work and has been involved in some of the key artist run exhibitions during Munich Jewellery Week including Lux is the Dealer (2015), Bonzo Gonzo(2014), The Lunatic Swing (2013) and Slanted for Granted (2012).
84 Ghz Sylvia Katzwinkel
Dr. Sylvia Katzwinkel, from 84GHz – one of Munich’s strongest continual hosts for excellent contemporary jewellery programming, has been helping jewellers for over ten years find exhibition opportunities during what has become Munich Jewellery Week. In 2016, 84GHz showcased several MJW events: Hibernate, Nature Morte, and By Royal Appointment.


Day Four: CREATING COMMUNITY // Local Hubs of the Contemporary Jewellery World
Saturday, February 27th

10:00 – 11:00
We met people who are building contemporary jewellery communities and culture around the world. They all offer unique examples of how different people in different places are shaping the next creative variations of an international language of jewellery. We hearded them reflect on the development of their collectives and how
they stay strong, curious, and active.

Erin Daily, co-founder of Brooklyn Metal Works
Erin is a trained jeweller and metalsmith with a long history of teaching, working with the jewellery industry, and promoting contemporary jewellery in the New York area. Along with her partner, Brian Weissman, she co-founded Brooklyn Metal Works, a unique metal art studio that provides classes and gallery space to promote artists, designers, and makers.
Carolina Gimeno, co-founder of Bórax08001
Carolina is a Chilean-Spanish jeweller based in Stockholm. She attended the  Massana School in Barcelona where she met the other members and participants of Bórax08001. The members of this jeweller’s collective are now spread out all around the world, and their activities are focused on disseminating contemporary jewellery through different media and actions that directly involve the city as a place for exhibition.
Annika Pettersson co-founder of A5
A5 is an experimental group of artists focusing on contemporary jewellery, craft, collaboration and exhibition. During last year’s Current Obsession PAPER Launch Party, A5 overlapped the event with their popular “Feed the Creator” pop-up styled exhibition of sausages and unique ceramic rings. Annika Pettersson, a Swedish jeweller exhibiting her own work during Munich Jewellery Week, is a founding member of A5.
Raewyn Walsh, co-founder of The Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringh
Raewyn is part of a group of jewellers promoting events and conversations surrounding jewellery in Aotearoa New Zealand. The Jewellers Guild publication, The Overview Newsletter, is habitually available online to showcase interviews, exhibitions and local activities. This includes the Handshake project and various New Zealand MJW exhibitions during the last several years.



The Social Club – Munich Edition took place at Lost Weekend, Schellingstrasse 3, Munich. The moderator and initiator for this edition was Mariah Tuttle, contemporary jeweller, writer and curator.


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