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Dazzled ✦ sever/ENwound

Giving life to abandoned objects, designer Gina Melosi takes inspiration from the broken, often discarded materials such as snapped or split wood, casting her hand-built models in Fairmined silver.

The Texas-born jeweller has a diverse background in Fine Art Photography, Studio Art, and Classical Music which provide her organic designs with bold character, playing with form, textures, colour and meaning in her wearable jewellery. Melosi graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, concentrating in Fine Art Photography to later to pursue jewellery making and received her Masters in Jewellery Design at London Metropolitan University.


Her conceptual label Gina Melosi launched in 2011 where she also begun to expand and develop her artistic practice to include collage, video, live art, and performance.


What significance is accrued by potentially breaking the skin border, the shell that separates our inside from our outside, Self from Other, physical from metaphysical? Where does one border beginand the other end?I believe Jewellery Art is an apt medium for discussing such a topic since, unlike some other art forms, it can come in direct contact with the skin.

sever/ENwound is the label’s first collection handcrafted entirely in traceable Fairmined silver from Peru, with MADESTONES lab-grown diamonds. These textured chunky earrings, rings and cuffs are then dipped in gold vermeil, oxidised, or sprinkled with lab-grown diamonds.


In her dedication to sustainability, Melosi’s hands-on approach allows her to conscientiously choose reusable and recycled materials for the jewellery packaging, consider ethical sourcing of materials, create gender-neutral designs, and minimise her carbon footprint with sustainable studio practices.

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Video animations

Photographer/Antonio Velez
Talent/ Qaher Harhash
Stylist/Sonja Hodzode

HMUA/Evin Yeyrek
Assistant/ Pangiota Fotopoulou

3D/Video: Ethan Allison Folk @ethfol
Audio Composition and Production: rTchAd X Gigi Bade (@rtchad_moed @thagigibade)
Audio Engineering: Richard Estrada


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