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Dazzled ✦ Zoe Huang

ᴅᴀᴢᴢʟᴇᴅ is an editorial series of posts featuring new collections and works by established artists in jewellery, craft, and design, handpicked by Current Obsession.

Zoe Chutong Huang is a jewellery designer whose diverse interests in design have profoundly influenced her understanding of what ‘jewellery’ signifies. In her practice, jewellery transcends mere adornment, becoming a powerful means of interacting with the human body and emotions. She is passionate about experimenting with different materials and techniques, and explores the potential of body-worn projects to shape human interactions. Characterised by timelessness, her pieces aim to challenge traditional gender roles and contribute to non-binary expressions in contemporary jewellery design.

Inspired by ancient sculptures, drapery allowed sculptors to conceal the nude female form, obscuring explicitly sexualised features while cultivating a subtle eroticism. This was achieved through an emphasis on the body’s curves, creating a bounded negative space that leaves room for reverie. This collection seeks to explore the tension and balance between androgyny and femininity. Mother-of-pearl, serving as a metaphor for femininity, is enveloped in traditional jewellery forms that symbolise the female body beneath the drapery.

Do you have a new collection or a new body of work that’s simply dazzling? We want to hear from you! And remember, there’s no deadline – we welcome submissions throughout the whole year!


Every submission is a potential gem, and our team takes great care in handpicking projects that resonate with the contemporary scene. To submit your work, just email high-resolution images (5-10 pcs), image credentials, social media tag, work description (max 250 words), and artist bio (max 250 words) to


Artist: @zchjewellery

Image credits:
Photographer: @carlos.duro
Model: @chi.eloka
MUA: @piecebyliz


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