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Behind the gentle aesthetic of Molly Wu’s pieces lies the desire to draw attention to historical and social themes. Molly is a London-based artist who graduated from the Royal College of Art. She employs photography scenarios and craft techniques to recreate narrative ornaments addressing femininity, stereotypes, and traditional symbols.

White bows have long symbolised innocence, purity, and femininity. In this collection, Molly traces an evolution from traditional female stereotypes to contemporary ones, passing through historically significant events such as the Feminist Revolution. Her research starts with bridal garments and the details that carry different symbolism depending on various cultures. For example, one of the traditional Japanese wedding dresses, the Shiromuku, an entirely white kimono, historically symbolised a blank canvas on which the husband could imprint his values onto the bride. Thus, despite its white and pure appearance, it became a symbol of submission.



Through Under The White, Molly Wu questions the origins of these stereotypes and their impact, with the awareness that for decades marriage has meant restrictions and rigid constraints for women. The artist chooses to use elaborate ornaments as a symbol of female liberation, transitioning from richer to simpler and freer forms, reflecting the gradual empowerment of women throughout history. In the design process, she combines traditional and modern techniques, and each bow is shaped to give the impression of a ribbon floating delicately in the air, emphasising the beauty of feminist elegance.



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Artist: @hahaha0w0_jew

Photography: @roniahn


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