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Emile Barret

Mystical, deep experience of reality is directed to overcome the human condition–rotting, by means of performance or illusion. Imagination is actually the only real magic power, which has the authority to act on others. A subtle physical fluid fills the universe, serving as an intermediary between humans, earthly and heavenly bodies and between men themselves. The disease results from poor distribution of the fluid in the human body. Use of appropriate stones can adjust the balance.


Alzheimer’s: Smoked diamond

Unruly children: Kunzite

Obesity: Tantalite

Sense of the past: Dumortierite

Flu: Amber

Lung: Zircon

Existential questions: Proustite & Azurite

This series is part of the publication Triples Corps, 2012 Diploma work at ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’Art de Lausanne)

Photography by Emile Barret


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