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Foul Play by Corrina Goutos

‘Foul Play’ seeks permanence in a throwaway culture. Made in fascination of a rising generation that has mastered the catered image of self, ‘Foul Play’ turns mundane moments into alluring objects to collect or consume. It’s a craft adaptation of social media function, and a souvenir for an unconsidered destination. Commemorating an era of indifferent indulgence, and a people blissfully infected with short-termism. The works reference cheap modern mass production, but are crafted with material culture pure. ‘Foul Play’ is a 21st century love story between human waste and objects of desire.

Photo Credits: Jewelry, Objects and styling by Corrina Goutos

Photos by Pelle Buys

Models Christin Elmar Schalko, Anissa Tavara, and Carlos Enrico

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