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Gregory Larin

Gory Stories from Tel Aviv

Larin is fascinated by the artistic and cultural renovation of traditional taboo issues that are becoming more and more acceptable these days. He boldly explores mysterious and dark themes, touches on the topics of grotesque and fetishism, and takes art and design beyond the conventional limits. His provocative artistic vision underlines the unusual beauty of these extremely deep and forbidden places, overcoming the primary feelings of fear and rejection.

Sea Horse Ring white 14k gold with white polymer
Photography by Dudy Dayan

“Conventional beauty seems hopelessly dull to me. I’m constantly creating my own artistic language while looking for something that doesn’t exist yet. I’m literally hunting for the new perception of harmony, choosing admiration over blind rejection”, says Larin.

Leather, Brass
Brass Baby carrots, Leather, Brass

His work is radical, drawn to extreme darkness, to the forbidden worlds which we are all made from. His mission is to bring parts of himself to expression through the filter called Art. During the work process he studies new materials and develops new techniques, incorporating traditional media, such as 14k gold with innovative ones, such as epoxy, synthetic hair, wood and more, in a distinguished way and style, unique to his work.

Gregory Larin was born in Tula, a Russian town that for many centuries has been known as a centre of crafts and metalworking. At the age 19 he moved to Israel and joined the IDF Air Force as an aircraft builder. In 2007, Gregory graduated with honors in Jewelry Design from Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, Tel-Aviv. As of today, Gregory Larin works in his Old Jaffa studio, and teaches jewellery design at Tel Hi Academic College and other Israeli design schools.


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