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Hip-hop culture has been a driving force in reshaping the American cultural landscape, introducing new trends and styles that redefine the world of adornment, luxury, and fashion. From iconic sneakers to dazzling jewelry, the evolution of hip-hop has created a new vision of cool. In line with this cultural phenomenon, The 92nd Street Y, New York, with the support of De Beers Group and as a part of young talent development programme, Teen Gems, hosted a captivating panel discussion coinciding with the release of Vikki Tobak’s book, “Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop Jewelry History,” which offers a definitive photographic exploration of hip-hop’s influence on jewelry, luxury, and style.This event brought together renowned individuals from the hip-hop and fashion industries, including rapper Slick Rick, historian Vikki Tobak, designer June Ambrose, and Vogue’s Janelle Okwodu. 

“Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop Jewelry History” is a remarkable book that chronicles the evolution of hip-hop jewelry from the 1980s to the present day. Authored by Vikki Tobak, a renowned cultural writer and curator, the book provides an immersive experience through storytelling and captivating visuals. It showcases hundreds of extraordinary images featuring hip-hop’s biggest stars, each adorned with their signature jewelry pieces. From the gold Adidas pendants of Run-DMC and the ostentatious dookie rope chains of Eric B. & Rakim to the extravagant creations of modern artists like Pharrell Williams, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, and Cardi B, the book highlights how jewelry has become a proclamation of identity and self-expression within hip-hop culture.

Created by Tito the Jeweler of Manny’s New York, the Biggie Jesus piece mentioned repeatedly during the panel discussion stands as an exemplary jewelry piece. It sparked a trend in hip-hop that has become a timeless staple for artists. Jay-Z sheds light on the significance of Biggie’s pendant in his book Decoded, where he reveals how it became a cherished symbol of good luck for him personally: “The chain was a Jesus piece—the Jesus piece that Biggie used to wear, in fact. It’s part of my ritual when I record an album: I wear the Jesus piece and let my hair grow till I’m done.”

The Notorious B.I.G. or Biggie Smalls by Michael Lavine, Queens, NY 1997

“When we rocked house pieces and puffy Gucci links/Now we buy homes in unfamiliar places/Tito smile everytime he see our faces.”

– “I Love the Dough” The Notorious B.I.G.


“So I just speak my piece, keep my peace Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps…”

— The Notorious B.I.G., “Hypnotize”

Tobak’s book goes beyond the surface-level glamor and delves into the work of pioneering jewelers such as Tito Caicedo, Eddie Plein, Jacob the Jeweler, as well as newer artisans like Avianne & Co., Ben Baller/IF & Co., Greg Yuna, Johnny Dang, Eliantte, and many more. Through in-depth details and captivating essays by hip-hop icons like A$AP Ferg, LL COOL J, Kevin “Coach K” Lee, and Pierre “P” Thomas of Quality Control Music, “Ice Cold” offers personal insights and journeys into the jewelry universe of these influential figures. The book also features the work of leading photographers who have captured the essence of hip-hop jewelry, including Wolfgang Tillmans, Janette Beckman, Jamel Shabazz, Timothy White, Gillian Laub, David LaChapelle, and many others.

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Teen Gems is conducted in collaboration with New York City Jewelry Week.


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