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Jing He likes to research on subjects concerning the archetypes of jewellery, for instance, the pin of the brooch, the string of the necklace and the circle of the ring. Among these basic elements, the pin attracts her a lot as it involves mechanical movement, function of connection, hardness of the substance, the motion of sharpening the pin, and wearing. It also raises many questions, such as what is the difference between a pin and a brooch, and where is the border between them? And how do they work?

Instant Pins / Potential Pins
She brings pins into other contexts and searches for the “Instant pins and potential pins” in daily objects.

He JIng

From A to B
Jing is interested in the mass-produced object that can become a pin itself.
In the series From A to B, She seeks for the connection between one box of nails and one package of needles and a way to build up the relation between them without adding any extra material. To be a brooch (to be wearable) is the reason to connect them together. Their original packages are also used as materials.

Potential Pins – Folder

She states the file folders as material and finds the potential for them to become a pin with their existing components.


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