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Mandy Roos: Invasion Of The Foot Carrier

Inspired by old school sci-fi films and their imaginary visions of the future, spaceships and unknown universes. Dated visions of technology and old-fashioned retro styles create a lighthearted, humorous reflection of the past vs the future.


In the ‘Invasion Of The Foot Carrier’ the sole is the essential basis. Sometimes the foot is sinked in the sole or absorbed by slime. Other soles have caterpillar tracks. Ideas for the materiality of the soles are, for example, plastic-inspired acrylate, silicone or rubber, concrete- and plaster-like materials, fluid, foam or slime. Transparency plays a big role and has various degradations.


The ‘Invasion Of The Foot Carrier’ is an inspirational vision meant for the footwear industry.

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