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MJW Overview 2020: Passenger

For this year’s Munich Jewellery Week, we are looking back on the past five fabulous years of MJW with 20/20 vision. In the years that Current Obsession has been a part of this celebration of contemporary jewellery’s diverse perspectives, we have come to know and love so many of you – not only for your forever-fascinating art, but also for the spark that each member of this international community brings to the table. We hold every venue, artist, instigator and jewel close to our hearts. This year, in an effort to dive a little deeper into the stories behind the shows, we are sharing some of the shows that we think exemplify this year’s thrilling MJW line-up, alongside a few mini-tidbits from the curators and artists that are making them happen. Here’s to all of you! And to the next 5, 10, and 100 years of Munich Jewellery Week.

Become a passenger in a mobile exhibiton featuring ten artists from the United States borderlands – who all use jewellery to convey ideas about observation, experience, fantasy, time, limitations, and the body.

Jess Tolbert
Leslie Shershow

How did the concept for the exhibition come about? 

Are you familiar with the American game show Cash Cab? It’s an actual taxi in NYC that picks up unwitting fares. When you get in, the cab lights up all crazy and the driver turns into a game show host where you win cash if you answer trivia questions correctly while you are driven to your destination. Chance/surprise is key. We love the idea that a similar set up could be applied to art viewing – where you are unexpectedly exposed to something. It’s been a fantasy of ours to do a ‘jewellery cab’ exhibition not only for our own community but one day for the broader public. 


Since we also both live in the border region of the US we have been talking about doing a show of border artists. We put the two together. Passenger relates to the mode of exhibiting, as well as the artists and their work. A passenger has a very different role than the driver/pilot/conductor/etc., and we were interested in the idea of observation, navigation, experience, and limitation – related to artists who experience life and making in the borderlands of the US/Mexico.

What are some of the different approaches the artists are taking with regard to interpreting the theme of ‘Passenger’? 

It ranges from the personal, literal, emotional, fantastical, hopeful, resentful, challenging… It really shows in the writing each artist did about their pieces. When viewers get onto the Passenger vehicle they will be guided by the onboard concierge through the exhibition. Each artist’s writing will be read aloud as the viewers/passengers experience the works. 

Kerianne Quick
Haydee Alonso
Jessica Andersen


Tell us about the exhibitions’ intentions, in terms of jewellery selection and presentation? 


We are focused on the geographical region of the US/Mexico Southwest border. The reality of the border is blurry, even messy sometimes; painful and beautiful; totally permeable for some and a blank spot for others. Passenger represents the physical reality of being conveyed, but is also a metaphor for what we witness when we are along for a ride. Think about what you do when you ride in a car or bus. You might be the navigator, the DJ, the snack curator… You don’t have to pay attention to the road. Passenger is a space of contemplation. Even a dream space. For the exhibition, we selected artists and works that bear witness. Watching from the window…. Pointing out the features of the view, reflecting, daydreaming.

Ale Carrillo-Estrada
Cassandra Adame

This article was published in the online edition of Munich Jewellery Week 2020



Cassandra Adame, Haydee Alonso, Jessica Andersen, Ale Carrillo-Estrada, Alexandra Perez Demma, Maru Lopez, Kerianne Quick, Nance Rodriguez, Leslie Shershow, Jess Tolbert

Hop into the PASSENGER bus at the following stops:

MJW Head Quarters – Amore Bar, Barerstraße at the Pinakothek der Moderne (at the large red sculptures), Galerie Biro, Kunstgiesserei (The Foundry). You will be conveyed to your next stop while being guided through the PASSENGER exhibition.

11.03 – 13.03

Wed-Fri 12:00-16:00


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