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MJW Overview 2020: Trap

For this year’s Munich Jewellery Week, we are looking back on the past five fabulous years of MJW with 20/20 vision. In the years that Current Obsession has been a part of this celebration of contemporary jewellery’s diverse perspectives, we have come to know and love so many of you – not only for your forever-fascinating art, but also for the spark that each member of this international community brings to the table. We hold every venue, artist, instigator and jewel close to our hearts. This year, in an effort to dive a little deeper into the stories behind the shows, we are sharing some of the shows that we think exemplify this year’s thrilling MJW line-up, alongside a few mini-tidbits from the curators and artists that are making them happen. Here’s to all of you! And to the next 5, 10, and 100 years of Munich Jewellery Week.

Your eyes catch the glimmer of a blue jewel, calling you over like a moth to a flame. It’s beautiful, you think, and exquisitely crafted. You want to hold it, to feel the smooth ring on your finger and the chain embracing your neck. But tread lightly, my friend, and watch where you step, for perilous jaws lurk beneath tempting jewels, ready to snap shut. Do not stray too close to the sun, for your waxen wings may melt, and you may soon fall victim to the jewellery Trap.

For MJW 2020, four Japanese artists – Takashi Kojima, Masayuki Nagata, Fumiki Taguchi and Takayoshi Terajima – present the third installation of Trap, an exhibition of equal parts attraction and treacherousness.



Could you tell me more about the title and why you chose it?



The title is a ‘trap’. We believe that jewellery attracts humans, so we’d like to show our works in order to gather people. We catch or ‘trap’ those who are attracted to our work.


What are the intentions of the exhibition in terms of the span of the work you will be showing?


The purpose of the exhibition is to present jewellery that you want to pick up. So it is a dark temptation for visitors. Through this experience we want you to enjoy the duality of the tension and the desire to touch.


Could you talk about how the work is going to be presented and why? 


The work is set into a trap placed on the ground, quietly waiting for a visitor. The exhibition will be held in a wonderful space called ‘Atelier Rosa’, and will be lit by sunlight only – as if in nature. It is a quiet space that is perfect for confrontational works. This space will be used for jewellery displays for the first time.


What are the intentions of the exhibition in terms of the selection of artists and what brought this group together? 


We have roots in Japan. As a collective, our aim is to pursue a high degree of perfection. Our group especially values techniques and materials, this is central to craft-thinking. We also focus on the conceptual strength of the work.


Why do you think it’s important to show your work during MJW? 


We consider MJW to be the centre of the jewellery world. When we were working in Japan, the exhibition in Munich was our dream and triggered our work overseas. Our activities spread from Munich. We think it is the first step as an artist.

This article was published in the online edition of Munich Jewellery Week 2020



Takashi Kojima, Masayuki Nagata, Fumiki Taguchi & Takayoshi Terajima

Atelier Rosa

Osterwaldstraße 89, Munich, Germany

12.03 – 15.03 Fri-Sun 11:00-17:00


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