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Monumentality – Fragility

BeCraft (formerly WCC-BF) present his 4th edition of the European Prize for Applied Arts October 21th, 2018 to January 20th, 2019


Monumentality – Fragility are two words of inspiration proposed by BeCraft in order to inaugurate the thematic edition of the European Prize for Applied Arts. Delicate robustness, provocative innocence, abundance and vulnerability… the artists take at his word this antithesis or deflect it by using a contrast sometimes plastic, sometimes esthetic, social, environmental,…

Marion Delarue
Ariane Hartmann

Unwavering spokesmen, they ally the esthetic sensibility of our contemporary society to the secular know-hows’ respect in order to answer this theme which raises the existential question of the self, the others and the World.

Annamria Zanella
Trinidad Contreras
Melanie Isverding
Julia Maria Kunnap

“Monumentality – Fragility, this means the same thing. The same sky everywhere, although different.” Kadri Mälk

Kadri Mälk

Jewellery exhibitors on show at WCC•BF


Jordi Aparicio (ES), Sébastien Carré (FR), Gabriela Cohn (ES), Trinidad Contreras (ES), Eimear Conyard (IE), Marion Delarue (FR), Patricia Domingues (DE), Dot Melanin (DE), Ann-Kathrin Hartel (DE), Ariane Hartmann (DE), Dorottya Hoffmann (HU), Lucie Houdková (CZ), Melanie Isverding (DE), Julia Maria Künnap (EE), Dominique Labordery (DE), Lena Lindahl (SE), Réka Lörincz (HU), Kadri Mälk (EE), Vicktoria Matsuka (RU), Jiun-You Ou (DE), Wiebke Pandikow (FIN), Loukia Richards (GR), Rita Sarafian (GB), Karin Seufert (DE), Alejandra Solar (LU), Dimitar Stankov (B), Anna Talbot (NO), Takayoshi Terajima (DE), Flora Vági (HU), Felieke Van Der Leest (NO), Ute Van Der Plaats (B), Karen Vanmol (B), Graziano Visintin (IT), Annamaria Zanella (IT)

Ann-Kathrin Hartel
Ann-Kathrin Hartel
Reka Lorincz
Flora Vagi

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