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Piece by Piece by Boris de Beijer

for Current Obsession's #3 The Fake Issue

As our #3 Fake Issue was developing, we started to wonder who to collaborate with for the recurring Piece By Piece project. [Piece By Piece is a limited edition of jewellery/objects commissioned to an artist or a designer and featured in CO magazine. These collections are sold through our webshop.] Keeping the subject of fake in mind, we decided to purchase cheap knockoff jewellery on the street markets of Istanbul and Bangkok. The kind of jewellery that’s sold by weight and is outrageously glitzy and sparkly, you know. Upon our return from travels we called up Boris de Beijer – visual artist and jeweller based in Amsterdam. We like his aggressive style of mixing resins, pigments and mixed media and creating abstract occult shapes with slick geometric aesthetics.

Boris liked the idea of collaborating with us, so we met up in Amsterdam and gave him a bag full of fake jewellery. We had hoped to see it back – reborn and upgraded, but somehow in its original form, but Boris decided to do otherwise: He disassembled the glitzy brooches and rings, stripping them from the glass crystals and stuck the jewellery bulk in the blender. Yes, blender. The beautiful crushed mess then became a base for his Piece By Piece collection.
He ended up creating two distinct series: one is a simple and colourful collection of airbrushed gradient rope necklaces [€30 on our webshop] and the other – consisting of a gradient airbrushed rope necklace and a mixed media hanger [€75 on our webshop].

See more of Boris’ work here


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