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Redefining Jewellery

Jewellery Collection CODA Museum

Redefining Jewellery, a publication compiled by CODA director Carin Reinders. The publication focuses on the jewellery collection of CODA, it’s history, current state of affairs, development and future collection policy. Redefining Jewellery offers ample space to images of the featured objects and includes a register of all artist and an English translation.

The publication discusses the road the CODA museum took on redefining their own collection of jewellery.


We want to present the jewel as an art object, as a miniature sculpture with its own intrinsic value. Of course it is true that a large number of objects can be worn. This is a unique added quality: this way you can carry the beautiful work with you and have it on you at all times. The definitions ‘body art’ and ‘body jewels’ are descriptive but fine terms. A jewel for the body. We see the communicative power of jewellery as important added value: the telling of stories. The discussion about jewellery as autonomous or applied art offers little perspective.


To quote Onno Boekhoudt: “Tearing down a wall is building up a view.”

Author Redefining Jewellery:

CODA director drs. Carin E.M. Reinders

Technical data:

144 pages, full color images, text in Dutch and English, 2016

Available here


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