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SO MINT! Aide-memoire by Smaranda Maria Voican

Central Saint Martins, London '20

SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

Exploring the progression of glacier-melt in a series of water-soluble, ephemeral jewellery pieces highlighting the physical implications of global warming.

‘Aide-memoire’ is a mixed-reality collection responding to the climate crisis through a speculative, digital approach. Presenting a series of water-soluble, ephemeral jewellery pieces exploring the progression of glacier-melt, augmented reality virtual jewellery and Instagram interactive filters, it is meant to comment on the socio-political implications of global warming and the ongoing migration towards the digital world.


Engaging technology to create a narrative that speaks about the physicality of the melting process. Supporting video of one of the collection pieces, 3D printed in water-soluble, biodegradable PVA, bringing forward the conversation about sustainability and global warming in a realistic yet poetic light.

The aim in developing this narrative was to create a sustainable, waste-free production method that speaks about the implications of design in the context of climate emergency. Using bioplastic and water-soluble biodegradable 3D printing, it developed into a circular economy system addressing several steps in the design process, recycling or dissolving all the materials involved – from prototypes to final pieces – in an attempt to minimise the waste behind most creative projects, which rarely ever gets addressed.


Cloud Bubble and Water Bubble filters worn by @zaksheinman

Using augmented reality to further expand the narrative, it presents an experiential approach to jewellery, recreating cloud and water wearable pieces in a virtual environment. Utilising a headset to project these designs in an exhibition space, it comments on the future role of the physical object, speculating on a total shift towards the digital, in a consciously aware post-consumerist society.

Expanding the climate emergency narrative towards an experiential approach of jewellery in a virtual environment. Augmented reality cloud necklace to be experienced on headset in the exhibition space, speculating on a future, post-consumerist era, where the physical migrates into the digital.


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