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SO MINT! Time of Myths by Jekaterina Smirnova

Fine Arts department Gemstone and carving, Idar-Oberstein'20

SO MINT! is a series of posts on fresh graduates in fashion, jewellery and design from around the world. Handpicked by Current Obsession.

Jekaterina Smirnova is interested in the Mythology of the modern world and has embodied a series of modern jewellery art on the themes “Time of Myths”.

‘The thread of golden honey flowed from the bottle
so heavy and slow that our hostess had time to declare:
Here in melancholy Tauris, where fate has brought us,
we are not at all bored — and glanced back over her shoulder.


On all side the rites of Bacchus, as if the world
held only watchmen and dogs, not a soul to be seen —
the days roll peacefully by like heavy barrels:
Away in the hut are voices, you can’t hear or reply.


We drank tea, then went out to the huge brown garden,
dark blinds were down like lashes over the eyes,
we walked past the white columns to look at the vineyard
where the somnolent hills are coated in airy glass.


I said: the vines are alive like ancient battles,
where curly horsemen are fighting in curving order,
in stony Tauris the science of Hellas lives on —
and the noble rusty array of golden acres.


And in the white room quiet stands like a spinning wheel,
smells of vinegar, paint and wine that is fresh from the cellar.
Remember, in that Greek house, the much loved wife —
Not Helen — the other wife – how long she embroidered?


Golden fleece, oh where are you now, you golden fleece?
All the journey long the heavy sea waves were loud,
and leaving his ship, his sails worn out by the seas,
full of space and time, Odysseus came home.’


/ 1917 Osip Mandelstam


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