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Spell Of The Rebels

Alone, each jewel has its own character and contains its own powers. We use it as an ingredient, mastered by a different artist. We give it its own sacred altar of protection.

Together, the ingredients create a spell, where magic radiates from the powerful stones, unicorn tears and enchanted metals. They are balanced and displayed as an offering to our bodies and souls.


Let the spell begin.



Cristina Martí Mató “Edelstein Gates” Alpaca, aventurine, oyster, resin, silver 23 x 11 x 4 cm 2014
Tatjana Giorgadse “Ger, in der höhle liegt ein raum um nicht der sterne bauch zu sehen” Brooch Aragonit, enamel , fir resin ,silver niello 13cmx6cm 2012
Patrícia Correia Domingues “MANY & DELIBERATED “ Brooch Necuron, Steel 8 x 8 x 2,5 cm 2015
Eva Burton “Papallona pop” Brooch Agate, razor shell, reconstructed material, anodized aluminum, silver, patina, resin, acrylic paint. 19 x 8,5 x 5 cm 2014
Front the right: Cristina Martí Mató, Carmen Hauser, Eva Burton, Patrícia Domingues, Levan Jishkariani & Tatjana Giorgadse
Carmen Hauser “Pearls” Bracelet  Crushed pearls, synthetic resin, 5 /5/1 cm 2015
Levan Jishkariani No title Silver, wood, arcansas, threat 39 cm x17 cmx10 cm 2013

This photoshoot was first published in #2 Current Obsession Paper, 2015

Art Direction by Marta Veludo

Photography by Marta Veludo Studio


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